A professionally organized event

A professionally organized event - be it a well-being -happening, a promotional tour, a company's Christmas party or a company retreat creates important memories for your own staff as well as for your customers. A successful event consists of many elements and at Voltti we go by the old slogan: “Well planned is half done!”.

"If you want, we can be responsible for the course of the event from start to finish, letting you focus on your customers and enjoy the event yourself," promises Voltti's entrepreneur and CEO Niina Seppänen. “Alternatively, you can outsource some parts of your event to Voltti’s capable hands”.
For more information contact: niina@tapahtumatuotantovoltti.fi / +358405807971


City Adventure: Rock The City and other team activity games

Are you looking for ancillary activity for your group to brighten up a meeting or seminar day, a ready-made activity for a recreation day, or a memorable and different way to develop team spirit and teamwork skills?
Rock The City is an action-packed and fast-paced activity that challenges participants with a wide variety of tasks that require wit, dexterity and teamwork, and with light physical tasks that are done together as a group. Virtual check points offer brain teasers that encourage creative thinking and open communication between the group.

Multiple game options and guaranteed fun!

With the easy-to-use ActionTrack -mobile app you navigate from place to place, performing various tasks, collecting points for your team. The game is also great for team activities in nature, for example the Viikinsaari Go -island adventure in the scenic Viikinsaari in Tampere.

About the activity

The app can be downloaded to smart devices that support Android and iOS operating systems (usually a phone, with one of the team members downloading the game app). The recommended team size is max. 5-7 people / team. The total number of participants can be up to 1,000 people - we also have a lot of experience in large events, such as the RotuaariRalli -city adventure we organize in Oulu every year with about 140 teams containing about 700 individual participants in total.
The duration of the activity is about 2 hours - or even longer in a tailor-made event.
Thanks to our extensive partner network, we are also able to offer, for example, catering, a place for an after party, sauna and evening program. Feel free to ask for more information!

Options and event packages


Rock The City -city adventure - Several game area options (city center, Pyynikki and Pispala cultural and historical area, etc.). A relaxed team-building approach, offering a different way to explore Tampere.
Viikinsaari Go -island adventure - Welcome to enjoy outdoor activities and wonderful nature, adventuring around Viikinsaari, performing tasks that require creativity, wit and teamwork skills. Available in summertime.
Rock The City -city adventure in the Hatanpää and Arboretum area - A fun and different way to get to know Tampere, the colorful history of the Hatanpää manor area and the magnificent Arboretum with dozens of tree, shrub and flower species.


Rock The City - Several game area options. Experience Oulu in a new way while learning something new!
POHTO Feel The Beat -team navigation game - A different, lightly physical way to enjoy outdoor activities and the wonderful nature of Oulu's Hietasaari and Nallikari areas! The well-being and nature-themed team navigation game is run together as a group, while developing interaction and teamwork skills.

Almost 150 successful events done - is your group next?

Interested? Ask for more: niina@tapahtumatuotantovoltti.fi

Voltti wellness lectures, coaching and wellness projects – safely and remotely!

Voltti produces about 60-100 different well-being at work or recreational events every year, and now that many people are working remotely from home, our focus on product development has expanded to remote well-being lectures and online events!
Let's activate and energize your team with these themes:
• Back Your Back - Top 10 Tips for Back Well-Being
• Well-being and balance in everyday life and work
• The new secret weapon of well-being: breathing!

 Each activity takes about 75 minutes and can be done remotely.

About the trainer

Voltti entrepreneur Niina Seppänen, Int Health Coach® and holistic well-being professional:
“I want to help you on your road to a healthier lifestyle and better well-being. As your coach, I commit to helping and sparring you, and really bringing your goals into practice; in a sustainable way. I provide coaching services to companies, communities such as public health and patient organizations, as well as individuals.”.

Wellness to your own work place

Are you interested in office exercise?
We implement high-quality and versatile, supervised exercise classes such as break exercises on-site in your office in Tampere and surrounding area, as well as remotely online. We want to offer your staff well-being and the joy of exercise, which motivates them to exercise and take better care of their well-being, also in their free time.
We believe that by providing high-quality wellness exercise to employees, the employer invests not only in the well-being and resilience of the staff, but also in the company's competitiveness.
Our special area of expertise is guidance that develops the well-being of the back-neck-shoulder area. For example, for over a decade, we’ve been giving a “Back Your Back” -wellness class during well-being at work days and at recreational events. We especially recommend the class for those who do a lot of sedentary office work.
Interested? Ask for more:niina@tapahtumatuotantovoltti.fi

Wellness projects
NEW in 2021: The Wellness Game supports the employees' active lifestyle

Boost the well-being of your work community and develop team spirit with the Wellness Game!
This easy-to-use app challenges you to move around and pay attention to well-being-friendly lifestyles.
The activity implemented with the ActionTrack -mobile app motivates to move and pay attention to overall well-being and resilience, while providing a convenient way to develop team spirit - a popular way is to divide staff into teams competing against each other, which encourages everyone to give an extra effort.
“For really changing the deep-rooted habits, we recommend a campaign lasting at least 2 months,” says Niina Seppänen, Voltti’s entrepreneur, Int Health Coach®. "The maximum duration of the campaign can be up to a year, but even an 8-week campaign has given good results in people's physical activity and will positively reflected on work efficiency and stress management."

Ready to get your company’s campaign up and running? Contact: niina@tapahtumatuotantovoltti.fi

Arto Rastas Online Cooking School

Wellness and cooking at Arto Rastas cooking school - safely online in Finnish or in English!
Now more than ever new experiences are needed and healthy and nutritious food is in demand. In February 2021, a safe remote cooking school was born for this need, to the desire to do fun things together, learn something new and at the same time get information about the health benefits of different foods.
The cooking school can accommodate the entire company's staff, and the event lasts about 90-120 minutes. You will learn about cooking, locally sourced food as well as the health benefits of different ingredients. However, the emphasis is on relaxing together and enjoying the food!

What happens at the cooking school?

The cooking school is streamed with high-quality imaging technology by our partner Kipinä Films Oy as a live program tailored to the customer’s needs and it takes around 90 to 120 minutes. The platform is Vimeo.
The event proceeds in a leisurely pace and with good vibes and creates an inclusive, interactive and relaxed atmosphere for the participants. A live chat allows questions for Arto and interacting with the other participants.

About Arto Rastas:

Arto Rastas owns six restaurants, one deli and a private cooking school and has been involved in competing in the Culinary Team of Finland, has been successful in several cooking competitions and has participated in several cooking shows on tv. Currently, he spends his time with virtual cooking schools, food styling, consulting assignments, and recipe developing.

Interested? Ask for more: niina@tapahtumatuotantovoltti.fi

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